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The Churches Italiano.gif (234 byte)

The following are the large monumental religious edifices:
Church of S. Emiliano Church of S. Martino
Church of S. Francesco Church and abbey of  Bovara Italiano.gif (234 byte)
Church of S. Giovanni Church of  S. Maria di Pietrarossa Italiano.gif (234 byte) Inglese.gif (311 byte)
Ex‑church and monastery of S. Bartolomeo Ex-church and hospital
 of  S. Tommaso
Italiano.gif (234 byte) 
Church of the Madonna delle Lacrime
Inglese.gif (311 byte)   
Ex-church of S. Caterina Italiano.gif (234 byte)


Within the walls of the city and evenly scattered throughout the territory of the township a total of nearly thirty Romanesque churches can be counted. Not all of them are in a good state of preservation: some are reduced to scant ruins, and others to vestiges reused in later buildings. Together, however, they bear striking witness to art and faith, and constitute an extraordinary museum of our land. Every one of the buildings among them that retains elements reused from previous structures is a precious archaeological and epigraphical witness; and some are essential in reconstructing the ancient road network, both Roman and medieval.
S. Maria di Pietrarossa Italiano.gif (234 byte)  Inglese.gif (311 byte)   S. Stefano di Piaggia
S. Nicolò   Italiano.gif (234 byte)     S. Fabiano
S. Tommaso   Italiano.gif (234 byte)    S. Sabino
S. Pietro a PettineItaliano.gif (234 byte)   S. Costanzo
S. Andrea Italiano.gif (234 byte)    S. Egidio di Borgo
S. Donato  Italiano.gif (234 byte)   S. Leonardo del Colle
S. Martino in MancianoItaliano.gif (234 byte)   S. Apollinare   Italiano.gif (234 byte)  
S. Stefano in Manciano Italiano.gif (234 byte)      S. Pietro in Bovara   Italiano.gif (234 byte)  
S. Maria di Pelano   S. Arcangelo Italiano.gif (234 byte)   
S. Paolo di Coste Italiano.gif (234 byte)      S. Bernardino Italiano.gif (234 byte)   
S. Croce in Val dell'Aquila (ruins)Italiano.gif (234 byte)      S. Maria del Ponte (Chiesa Tonda) remains
S. Emiliano    


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Translated by Bill Thayer ©2010


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