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At an altitude of 585 m above sea-level, where olive groves give way to forest, we find this little church honoring St. Martin, similar to so many others in its construction, with an open belfry atop the façade and an archivolt framing the door. The asymmetrical façade is evidence of a later addition toward the south.

It remains consecrated; Mass is offered here every year on the saint's feast.

Trevi, Italy. Manciano, voc. Elceto. Church of S. Martino in the midst of the olive trees.
S. Martino at the edge of the woods
Trevi, Italy. Manciano, voc. Elceto. Chiesa di S. Martino, facciata.
The asymmetrical façade
The doorstep draws our attention: it is semicircular and was clearly made out of a millstone. Now there have never been mills at this altitude, but 200 meters behind the church a quarry can still be seen where two millstones have been roughly lined out for cutting. Trevi, Italy. Manciano, voc. Elceto. Antica cava di pietra per mole.
The abandoned millstone quarry
Until the 1950's this remote little church was graced by a magnificent mid‑13c tempera panel. Its removal from the area had fortunately been prevented, yet it is no longer in Manciano nor even in Trevi: it is now perfectly restored and its beauty shared with the world in the diocesan museum of Spoleto. The painting depicts the Madonna and Child; scenes from Christ's passion and from the life of St. Martin occupy the four corners. Spoleto, Museo diocesano. Tavola dipinta, da S. Martino di Manciano (preview).

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