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Church of S. Croce in Val dell'Aquila

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Now reduced to a miserable ruin consisting of a small wall barely sticking out of the ground, smothered in luxuriant vegetation, it can be reached only by tracing step by step a recently published guide,Trevi: quattro passi tra storia e natura, (itinerary no. 7).
Although the church was noted in ancient records, by 1988 no one was able to tell us where the surviving remains might be, when with Silvestro Nessi we went on several explorations of the mountainland of Trevi on a hunt for ancient settlements.

As a result of Nessi's publication1 which revived interest in the area, some inhabitants of Coste familiar with these woods showed us the ruins we see here; but later, vegetation having invaded the little path, the traces of the church were lost once again until they were rediscovered by Filippucci and Ravagli who described them in the guide mentioned above.

Trevi, Italy. Coste, Chiesa di S. Croce in Val dell'Aquila, resti della parete nord.
What's left of the church and the abbey

For further details of  The Hermit's Church — History see the complete text published by Nessi.

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1) S. Nessi, Dall'eremo al cenobio, insediamenti inediti nel territorio di Trevi, in Spoletium, Anno XXX, N. 33, 1988

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