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Church of San Nicolò in Matigge  Italiano.gif (234 byte)

 In a commandingly panoramic site despite its modest altitude, the church is particularly attractive by its elegant architecture, the precise construction of its walls, its interesting frescoes, and last but not least, because it preserves an ancient parchment giving us the date of its consecration: 1195.
Restored in 1928‑29, it now needs further work to repair the roof.
Water has infiltrated into the vault of the apse and has compromised the early 16th‑century fresco beneath it.
Trevi, Italy. Matigge, Chiesa di S. Nicolò, interno.
The interior
Trevi, Italy. Matigge, Chiesa di S. Nicolò, finestra della facciata.
Bifora windows of the façade

The little arches of the bifora are a motif found in the apse of the ancient church of S. Emiliano


The Madonna and Child was dated by Nessi and attributed to a painter heretofore known only for the frescoes in S. Chiara at Montefalco and therefore referred to as the First Master of S. Chiara.


Trevi, Italy. Matigge, Chiesa di S. Nicolò, Affresco del Primo Maestro di S. Chiara.
Fresco of the first half of the 14th century

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Translated by Bill Thayer ©2010


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