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No documents are known that might indicate the date when this church was built, but its dedication to St. Apollinarius, a saint particularly venerated by the Lombards, dates it originally to the 6th through the 8th centuries, when Spoleto was ruled by Lombard dukes (from 570 to 774).
In 1177 it is mentioned in a brief of Pope Alexander III, where along with one hundred other officiated churches, it was recognized as falling under the jurisdiction of the powerful Benedictine monastery of S. Pietro in Bovara.
It is mentioned another time in 1333 in a list of tithes collected.

Trevi historian Durastante Natalucci tells us that it was a church that cared for the souls of nine families of parishioners in 1404 and fourteen in 1432. He also tells us that in his day (the first half of the 18th century) it was provided with "a new painting of its saint" and that it was still a dependency of the monastery of Bovara even though the latter had lost its ancient splendor.
In old documents the church is mentioned under the name of S. Apollinare di Porcaria because Porcaria was at the time the name of the stretch of land that has now taken its name from the castle of San Lorenzo, but we know that in the 18th century the church name was in use since the area immediately around it was called S. Apollinare.

Trevi, Italy. S. Lorenzo, chiesa di S. Apollinare, vista da sudest.

Seen from the southeast, before restoration

The church was rebuilt from the foundations in the 12th century and has since been been reworked many times, especially its upper portion.



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Archaeology and Epigraphy


ranslated by Bill Thayer



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