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Trevi’s interest in the theatre dates back to Roman times, as testified by classical writers and epigraphics, however no buildings or ruins remain.

The Theatre Clitunno was built in 1875 on a project by the architect Mollaioli. The impressive drop- curtain is by Domenico Bruschi (1877)

Trevi, Teatro Clitunno

The theatre has always housed the town’s cultural, social and recreative activities. Besides shows and performances by various drama companies and amateur dramatic societies over the years, the New Year’s Eve parties of the 30s and 50s are still remembered with nostalgia.

It was renovated in 1993 and is now part of the Regional drama Circuit with numerous performances throughout the year.

(Translated by Sheila Rylands 1998)

Trevi, Teatro Clitunno, Sipario di Domentico Bruschi

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