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frazione of the township of Trevi, due north of Trevi itself, on the border of the township of Foligno. Matigge boasts of many old farmsteads, some of which are certainly the modern successors of Roman or even pre-Roman settlements.

The name, given in old documents as MATIDIA, is very interesting since such was the name of the beautiful granddaughter of the emperor Trajan and the mother-in‑law of the emperor Hadrian. In addition to her extraordinary beauty, as two portrait busts of her that have come down to us clearly bear witness, she was the object of a veritable and equally extraordinary veneration. In her honor Hadrian built a splendid temple, which in the 4th century was counted among the ten "basilicas" of the city of Rome.
Some students of Antiquity have theorized that there might be a link between the ancient name of Matigge and the Roman noblewoman (see Bill Thayer's diary, 9/11/98 in connection with his visit).

In the medieval period of the struggles between the townships, the area saw itself vested with a significant strategic importance as a bastion against Foligno, to which we owe Matigge's most salient monument: The Tower.

The strategic importance of the place is confirmed by the fact that in former days, Matigge was a "terziere": one of the three geographical entities that comprised the township of Trevi.

Among the monuments of Matigge the following should be noted the CHURCH OF S. NICOL“

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