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The 12thC. Church of ST. PETER: has a 5thC. sculptured freize on the facade. The ABBEY founded in 1158 by the Benedictines rose to glory in the following centuries. The monks in fact were largely responsible for reclamation and drainage of the marshlands in the valley below. Trevi, Italy. Bovara, chiesa di S. Pietro, facciata.
THE OLIVE TREE dedicated to ST. EMILIANO (500m NE of ST. PETER'S in BOVARA) is probably about 1700 years old and is the oldest in Umbria. With little foliage its circumference measures about 9m. It is at present 'protected' with catalogue no. 102. As it is to be found on a relatively low slope, and therefore subject to severe frosts, it is to be considered a botanical rarity as the surrounding olive trees rarely survive more than 30 years.
(Translated by Sheila Rylands 1998)
Trevi, Italy. Olivo di Sant'Emiliano, 1935


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