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Frazioni and other small places Italiano.gif (234 byte)  


List of the frazioni of Trevi township
and other places with one or more pages onsite

Other places
Streets of Trevi Town


In 1930 (see Bonaca: Trevi nella natura...)  Current Frazioni (and other places onsite)
Borgo Borgo
Bovara Bovara
Cannaiola Cannaiola
Casco dell'Acqua  
Coste Coste
Manciano Manciano  Italiano.gif (234 byte)  
Matigge Matigge      Italiano.gif (234 byte)  
                     Casco dell'Acqua Italiano.gif (234 byte)  
Picciche Picciche
Parrano Parrano
Pigge Pigge
San Lorenzo San Lorenzo
Santa Maria in Valle Santa Maria in Valle   Pietrarossa.*


ranslated by Bill Thayer


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.*As mapped by the Touring Club Italiano (TCI) and the Automobile Club d'Italia (ACI) and as shown on highway signs, the name isS.M.di Pietrarossa, but in the Istituto Geografico Militare (IGM) map, which is supposed to provide the official nomenclature, the name is spelledPietra Rossa.