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Also called the "Porta Nuova" or New Gate, it is more properly the "Porta della Strada Nuova" or New Road Gate — to distinguish it from the next gate down the hill, which was built in 1654 and is still today "Porta Nova".

It is Trevi's newest gate, built in 1857 in order to provide a more convenient access road to the town: the New Road or "Strada Nuova".

It was built to the design of Domenico Giannelli.1 of Terni.

Shortly after 1950 the gate's piers were "trimmed" to squeeze in a few extra centimeters of roadway and allow bigger modern cars to pass more easily.

In the photograph we can see the first bus to provide service between Trevi and its train station: it has stopped to pick up passengers.

In the background, on the right, we have a glimpse of the Natalini-Gizi mansion, the façade of which seems also to have been designed by Giannelli, or at least inspired by the gate he built.

Trevi, Italy - La porta della Strada Nuova
Porta della Strada Nuova -
Photo N. Scaringi, taken in the 1920's


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Translated by Bill Thayer ©2010


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1) Zenobi, Carlo, Storia di Trevi 1746-1946, Foligno, 1987, pp. 183, 184.
  The engineer Domenico Giannelli has given his name to a boulevard in Terni, in commemoration of his organization of the public gardens of that city. Among Giannelli's other work are the promenade along the walls of
Collescipoli with its plantings of now highly prized mulberry trees and the layout and design of the Teatro Sociale in Amelia.