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The Cantori di Cannaiola's
a poliphonic chorus "CittÓ di Trevi"

Mr. Mauro Presazzi

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The Cantori di Cannaiola's choir was set up in 1969, by Father Sileno Cariolati, as a group for a liturgical service. In the subsequent years the repertory has been extended to secular and folk music, taking part in a number of concerts, too.

The choir is one of the Umbria's Choir Regional Association (A.R.C.UM.: in Italian: Associazione Regionale Cori dell'Umbria) founders.

The chorus, alter a period devoted essentially to a liturgical service, and also favourably supported by the Trevi town council, has newly begun to make exhibitions in concert activities under the guide of the new choirmaster, Mr. Francesco Corrias (2000-2005). Their aim is to promote with a renovated engagement the choral chant and let it widespread through the territory.

The repertory includes medieval music excerpts, Renaissance poliphonies, contemporary, popular, gospel and negro-spiritual music. The choir has often been invited by famous choral reviews (the XXII Choral Review held in Poggibonsi, the XXII Choral Review of Perugia, "In canto 2001 - Itinerario Corale Internazionale e Chiese e Arte 2001 (International Choral Itinerary and 2001 Churces and Arts) " in Citta di Castello, the X Choral Review in the town of Corciano, etc.). Furthermore, it has participated in the 56th Edition of the Umbria Musical Festival and the 58th Edition of the Wandering Choral Itineraries. Since November 2002 it has been setting up die Choral Review named źDon Sileno Cariolati╗. In August 2003 the DEPAPS Feminine Choir- in Argostoli - a town of Cephalonia (Greece) was host to the choir, where the latter held two concerts on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Second World War tragical events.




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