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Short tour itinerary
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12 - CHIESA DI SAN FRANCESCO - (Saint Francesco Church)


Gothic building of the second half of the XIV century, built as an expansion of an older church dedicated to S. Maria and then to the Beato Ventura. The main portal was realized in 1300, like the little fresco representing the Madonna with the Child between S. Francesco and S. Chiara (restored in 2001 at the expenses of the Fantauzzi Mobili company).

The interior is just one nave: the roof is made of truss and the walls show the remains of frescos that covered once the whole church: it is possible to observe the frescos even on three different levels.

It is possible to visit it from the S. Francesco museum. While you walk to the next point, you can admire the apse, the belfry and a memorial plaque dedicated to Virgilio Lucarini.


A seguito dell'apertura della Raccolta d'Arte di S. Francesco, si può accedere alla chiesa e al convento direttamente dal Museo.
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