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Short tour itinerary
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39 - OSPEDALE DI SAN GIOVANNI  (Saint Giovanni Hospital)



In this place there was the old hospital managed by the Misericordia Brotherhood, that, in the ancient document of the Riformanze, was called “ospedale novo” (new hospital)! You can see the remains of antique paintings. In 1817 the Brotherhood transferred the hospital to the convent of the Dominicans, who had not returned after the fall of Napoleon. Later, when Pio IX was archbishop of Spoleto, this building was used as police station and prison.



You have finally concluded the brief tour that, in our intentions, should have gave you a first idea of our beloved little town. To the people who want to see more of our beautiful land, we strongly recommend a visit to Piaggia – with its suggestive panoramas – and to the magnificent churches of Madonna delle Lagrime, San Martino, Pietrarossa and Bovara.

  The author begs the pardon of Ser Francesco Mugnoni, Durastante Natalucci, Don Eugenio Venturini, Conte dott. Tommaso Valenti, prof. Don Aurelio Bonaca, prof. Silvestro Nessi, avv. Carlo Zenobi, prof. Luigi Sensi and prof. Don Giovanni Bertassi, for having used in an imperfect way their precious teachings.

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