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Short tour itinerary
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29 - PALAZZO MANENTI  (Manenti Palace) 

  This is another entrance of the palace point 17.

A bad story

Pietro di Rasiglia, nobleman from Nocera, was such a close friend of the family that he was allowed to marry one of their maids. Having the strong suspicion that his beautiful wife had had an affair with Nicolò Trinci, brother of Corrado Trinci, lord of Foligno, he decided to take his revenge.

 He organized a big hunt and invited the Trinci family and their friends. There were Nicolò and Bartolomeo, Corrado’s brothers, and many other friends from Camerino, Matelica, Fabriano and other cities. Corrado, due to an unexpected business in Trevi, could not go. During the night, while the guests were sleeping, Pietro, with the help of his brother and cousin, killed Nicolò, Bartolomeo and one of their pages, and captured all the others.

The corpses of the three men were thrown down from Nocera wall. This happened in January the 11, 1421. Corrado discovered everything and, with the help of Braccio da Montone, invaded Nocera in three days. When Pietro understood that there was no hope left, he threw his wife from the city wall and, arrived on the top of the highest tower, threw himself down. Pietro’s friends surrended to Corrado, hoping him to be merciful. But he was not: he tortured and killed them, and gave their corpses to the dogs. Then he started to revenge on all the relatives and friends (even the servants) of Pietro da Rasiglia and of the Manenti family. He chased them in Nocera, Foligno, Rasiglia, Trevi and in other cities; he killed them all, put their corpse on the back of 36 asses, and made the asses walk as in a procession through the streets of Foligno. Finally he hung the corpses to the main doors of the near castles. He did not even spare women and children; he temporarily spared the pregnant women, just to kill them later together with their infants. His revenge cost the life of 300 people; 54 were relatives of Pietro da Rasiglia. In Trevi his revenge did not end with the murder of the members of the Manenti family: he invaded the convent of Saint Peter from Bovara, chasing the friars and stealing the convent goods. He justified this act by saying that the convent was managed by a member of the Manenti family. To stop this massacre the Pope Martino V entrusted Francesco Sforza to fight against Corrado and destroy all the Trinci castles and fortresses. Clever and cruel, Corrado continued to kill and lord it over the Trevani, until the Pope Eugenio IV, in 1434, ordered him to be captured with his family and brought to the fortress of Soriano, where he and all of his family members were killed. Since not even one of his children survived, the name of the family died away; the bastard children of the abbot Giacomo Trinci took the name of Dell’Abate, or Degli Abati (which means of the Abbot).


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Alberto Barbini 1989-2008 - Translated by Bill Thayer ©2010

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