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Short tour itinerary
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Inside the fortified tower (XV century), located in the second surrounding wall (XII century), the Trevani built the little church dedicated to Saint Reparata or Liberata. Originally it had just one altar and one main entrance in front of it. In ancient time it was the jus patronatus of the Community, which elected the chaplain there. According to a law of 1378, the festivity took place in October the 8. According to the tradition still in use during the Saint Emiliano festivity, there was a procession during the eve, with the illuminata. In 1625 the church was granted to the Compagnia delle Stimmate di S. Francesco, that enlarged it in order to add another altar with a painting representing Saint Francesco. The Company instituted also a Monte Frumentario in an adjacent storeroom. These institutions distributed wheat to the poor, or landed it to people for the sowing, at an interest rate of 1,8%, to be paid after the harvest. The earnings were used to give a dowry to poor and honest maids. On these institutions’ doors there was often written Moderata Durant (the moderate use of  goods makes them last). It was here in 1642, after the vesper, that took place the inauguration of the Congregazione Filippina of Trevi. In 1737 the Compagnia delle Stimmate moved to S. Filippo and left this church, that was demolished in 1862 to leave room to the Strada Nuova (New Street) that still connects Trevi to the Railway Station. Some metres in front of you, toward Montefalco, a second circle of wall was built, encircling the part of the city that goes from here to the Porta del Lago (Door of the Lake), Porta del Cieco (Door of the blind man) and Convent of San Bartolomeo. Behind you, pointed out by the arrows, you can see the remains of the ancient roman wall. People who want to see a larger part of the roman wall can walk downward along the New Street and Via del Fiscale, for 150 metres.


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Alberto Barbini 1989-2008 - Translated by Bill Thayer ©2010

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