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Trevi, Scene di vita Medievale They are carried out in the 2, 3 and 4 weekend of October (until 1986 came only prepared for the evenings of 4 the saturday and 4^ Sunday, but in order to allow one easy vision from part of the most numerous visitors, they are due to program also for the fine week previous. In 1987 they were not carried out for the fear of retorts of the sismics events).
Trevi, Scene di vita Medievale
After the sunset and until late night ways, little squares, courtyards, workshops, obsolete corners, to the suggestion of the torches, are animated, like for spell, of hundred of personages in medieval costumes. Every trace of the present is hidden and it is found again to us dipped in the life of the ancient inhabitants of the city. In an historical-environmental atmosphere frame purest, under the eyes of itineranti visitors, women and men of all the ages carry out with nature and handicraft the daily and domestic activities of the times passed in spaces reconstructed originals and with instruments and techniques thanks to deepened searches. (Ente Palio dei Terzieri)

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