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Short tour itinerary
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19 - PALAZZO della PREPOSITURA VALENTI   (Palace of the provost Valenti)


This palace was built in 1650 by Giovanni Battista, protonotaro and ambassador of the Santa Sede in Naples Kindom, to be the dwelling-place of the second son of the Valenti family, the one devoted to the ecclesiastical career. It has a noble portal and elegant windows, whose lintels bear this phrases: Vince in bono malu(m); Virt(us) unita forti(tudine); P(er) cruce ad sydera; and, on the main facade: Fides, Virtus, Ingenium, Fortuna ad side(r)a tollu(n)t. (Win the evil through the good; worth combined with bravery; Through the cross to the stars; Faith, worth, intelligence and fortune lead to the stars).



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Alberto Barbini 1989-2008 - Translated by Bill Thayer ©2010

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