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Short tour itinerary
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6 - LA PIAZZA     


5. AFFRESCO DEI SS. PROTETTORI (The Patron Saints Fresco)

The scene, situated in the sky upon Trevi, represents the Madonna with angels and the main Patron Saints of the city: S. Emiliano on the left, S. Vincenzo in the centre, S. Benigno, on the right. It was painted in 1704, on the occasion of the transfer of the remains of the Saints Vincenzo and Benigno from Lucca to Trevi. To thank the city of Lucca for the precious gift, the city council decided to give the trevana citizenship to all the people from Lucca. This painting was paid by the Priori who had wanted it, because they had not requested the approval of the governor in advance. Restored in 1987 at the expenses of the Cooperativa Agricola Oleificio, producer of the very famous Trevi extra virgin olive oil.


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Alberto Barbini 1989-2008 - Translated by Bill Thayer ©2010

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